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  A Thanksgiving Miracle

This year, during our Thanksgiving Day Feast, we received the amazing news that our very own Charlie would be returning to school. 

Over the summer, Charlie was in a terrible accident which questioned her ability to walk again. With our prayers and God's doing, she has made a FULL recovery! 

After Thanksgiving, Charlie will be back with her friends and classmates in second grade. We are all excited for her return! 

                                                           Eleni Ambatis & Talida El-Choum

                                                                    8th Grade Seniors


 Thanksgiving Day Feast

On Thursday, November 16th, we had our annual Thanksgiving Day Feast. We would like to thank the KAPT and parents who organized the event. Everything was beautifully decorated and organized. 

Parents and KAPT mothers came around to each table and served delicious foods. We ate traditional Thanksgiving foods such as turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, and gravy. 

This year, we even had a Greek dance! The event was a wonderful way for us to celebrate with our friends and teachers while expressing what we're thankful for. 

                                                            Argi Monioudis, 8th Grade Senior


 Thankfulness and DGK

This Thanksgiving, the DGK students are thankful for many things. We are thankful for the KAPT for cooking delicious food for our Thanksgiving Day Feast. Our teachers also play an important role in our thankfulness because without them, we would not have a good education. 

Another thing to be thankful about is our freedom as American citizens, such as freedom of religion. Our health is another important thing to be thankful for. In fact, it is our #1 priority! 

Last but not least, our family and friends are important in our community. Without them, we wouldn't be who or where we are today. 

                                                                 Joanna Maniatis, 8th Grade Senior  


 Monastery Trip

Father Gerasimos took the senior class to St. Nectarios Monastery. We took a mini-bus to upstate. The trip was approximately three hours. On the way, our physical education teacher, Mr. P, told us a story about a monk. 

When we got to the monastery, we went to the dining hall. It was a very interesting experience since we were not allowed to talk while we ate. Instead, a reader was reading different prayers. 

When we finished eating, we went and took a lot of pictures because the area was beautiful. Then we spoke with some of the monks in the library/gift shop. 

Afterward, we went to see the animals. The animals were fun to see! We got to pet the goats and sheep and even feed them. 

Lastly, we attended a short church service. We left around 4:45 PM and came back around 8:30 PM.

I feel that this was an educational and spiritual trip that helped us learn more about our religion while having fun! 

                                                          Katerina Koukoulis, 8th Grade Senior


 Veteran's Day

This recent weekend, we had Veteran's Day. On Veteran's Day, we remember the people who have bravely fought as well as people who are currently fighting in the army for our continual freedom. 

Veterans have risked their lives for months or even years at a time for the freedom that people, myself included, sometimes take for granted. In addition to veterans, DGK would like to keep the people who are currently fighting for our freedom in our prayers. 

We would also like to say THANK YOU to those who have fought or are currently fighting for our safety.                                                    

                                                              Marta Balikcioglu, 8th Grade Senior


 Volleyball Team

DGK School is proud to present the Volleyball Team of 2017-2018! 

The coach of the team, Ms. Pantsulaia, is an amazing teacher, coach, and athlete. She is training all our girls so we can be the best that we can be. She is also very excited for us to play competitively in games. 

Ms. P always tells us to work hard and try our best. In fact, she motivates us even when we are tired. For example, Ms. P always makes us run at the beginning of practice to help us warm up our muscles and get us ready to play. 

She helps us pull through at the end of every practice even when we are very tired and sweaty! 

                                                                  Katerina Koukoulis, 8th Grade Senior


  Study Skills

An important part of doing well in class includes studying for tests. While every school encourages studying, they do not always teach how to go about studying. Here are good skills to remember: 

  • Put your distractions aside.
  • Outline and rewrite your notes. 
  • Use memory games, such as "mnemics." 

For example, in Math Class, we have PEMDAS. This word stands for "parentheses," "exponents," "multiply," "divide," "add" and "subtract." This particular mnemic helps students remember the order of steps to solve in a math problem. 

                                                                  Marta Balikcioglu, 8th Grade Senior


  SHSAT Test

In October, the 8th Grade students took the SHSAT Exam -- or Specialized High School Admissions Test -- at Brooklyn Tech. It was a three hour exam that 8th Graders from many schools took. 

While some of the questions were both tricky and challenging, others were actually easy. To be sure, all the 8th Graders -- especially ours at DGK! -- tried their very hardest. We enjoyed the experience of challenging ourselves. 

Best of luck to all 8th Graders who took this exam! 

                                                                  Joanna Maniatis & Talida El-Choum

                                                                              8th Grade Seniors


  Oxi Day

This week, on October 24th, we held our annual Oxi Day Assembly. We have been practicing for about a month now, as evident by our performance. 

We did go through some technical difficulties, but we pulled through! Kr. Kosta's guitar string broke in the middle of the performance, but as all actors and artists know, the show must go on. 

As a result, the show s a big success! Grades Kindergarten -8th sang Greek songs about Oxi Day. 

he 7th Grade performed an emotional skit that accurately depicted what it was like when mothers saw their sons leave for the army. It left some of the audience in tears! 

he 8th grade also recited a poem, and several students from 5th grade also said poems about Oxi Day. 

                                                                   Argiroula Monioudis, 8th Grade Senior


  Boy's Basketball Team

So far, the boy’s basketball team is only a month old. However, as I am the oldest player on basketball team, I have made many positive observations. To me, it seems that we have been together for a while. I feel like we have already formed a bond between each other.

But don’t think that we have been together for many years! Half of the team are sixth graders, meaning that it's their first year. Also all of our 8th graders left for high school meaning that we lack leadership. Despite all these complications, we as a team have persevered and are beginning to understand each other better on and off the court. For example, in the beginning of the year we were not even sure what positions we would play.

Fast track to now... we have such chemistry that we even know every person’s comfort shooting zone. To me this is an accomplishment. Our first game was a home game against Saint Nick’s -- the team that has won the league championship for at least the past four years. It was an extremely intense game and we fought like animals. The final score was 51 to 64, in favor of St. Nick’s basketball team. 

I want to thank all the people who cheered us on during the game. But mostly I want to thank our coach and fifth grade teacher Mr Shaw. He has succeeded in teaching us the 2 most important components of the game: Perseverance and sportsmanship. This is what our team is about.

                                                                    Grigory Ivanov, 8th Grade Senior


  Fire Drills

Fire drills are very important here at DGK School. For the past few weeks, we have been practicing our fire drills. All the students and teachers take these drills very seriously: we have to evacuate the building in under three minutes. DGK cares a lot about school safety. The teachers and students are always prepared. It's important to practice these drills so that we are prepared just in case of a real fire. 

                                                              Talida El-Choum, 8th Grade Senior


  Hard Work & Dedication in Autumn

Autumn is a very stressful season for a lot of students here in DGK. It is very important for students to continue to work hard and push through the rest of the year! 

I know that our senior class is working very hard preparing for the SHSAT and the TACHS exam. These tests are very difficult and will take a lot of studying in order to prepare. 

I wish lots of luck to all the students taking tests and working hard on their studies!

                                                                    Katerina Koukoulis, 8th Grade Senior


  Preparing for Oxi Day

Oxi Day is a very special holiday in Greek culture. It's the day when the Greeks said "NO!" when the Italians asked to pass through Greece during World War II. 

Every year, we have a celebration to honor our heritage. We sing and perform plays related to Oxi Day. The assembly is on October 24th, but we have been practicing all month. In Greek class, students have been learning about Oxi Day and practicing their plays or poems. In chorus, we practice our songs with Kr. Kosta. 

We are now having whole-school rehearsals in our gym. We are excited to perform! 

                                                                   Argiroula Monioudis, 8th Grade Senior


  Cancer Awareness 

In 2017, there have been an estimated 1,688,780 diagnosed cancer cases. This month, we are raising awareness towards breast and liver cancer. I would like to not only raise awareness to these types of cancer, but to all cancers. 

DGK's prayers are with those who are fighting cancer or have relatives who are fighting cancer. Our thoughts go out to those who have lost a loved one to this disease. 

As Dave Pelzer said, "You can be a victim of cancer, or a survivor of cancer. It's a mindset." This quote is telling us to live life to its fullest, because you never know what will happen. 

                                                                  Marta Balikcioglu, 8th Grade Senior


  Nostalgic Moments...

“I feel extremely lucky, extremely grateful, and a little bittersweet, too.”

This quote is said by Wentworth Miller, an English actor. The quote explains how I feel as an 8th grader at DGK’s 2017 festival. As it is my last year, this festival was my last festival as a DGK student, and it felt a bit bittersweet. The festival has been and still is one of my favorite events at DGK. All the rides, the amazing food, and being with your friends is the best feeling in the world. This festival is unlike any festival to me: it portrays the Greek culture and how people of the large community get together and are able to plan such a wonderful event.

In a little over a year, I won’t be able to say to my friends and family, “Come on over to my school festival,” but I will always admire the way everyone gets together and just has an amazing time. This festival will never feel like an ordinary festival to me, it will always have a special place in my heart just like my school, DGK does.

                                                                 Marta Balikcioglu, 8th Grade Senior