Our Mission Statement

We, as educators, strive to promote the expression of the Orthodox Christian way of life. We believe every child is unique and learning is an individualized and ongoing process. We recognize our opportunity and mutual obligation to develop within each child the skills, virtues and habits of heart and mind needed to meet the challenges of an ever-changing society. Through mutual respect our students will grow and learn in a positive atmosphere, where faculty, staff, parents and students together are enthusiastic about the learning process. To this end in attaining our philosophy we strive:

    • To teach and practice Orthodox Christian values

    • To help each student develop to his/her potential in an atmosphere which promotes self-esteem and confidence.

    • To cultivate an appreciation and respect for others

    • To identify the relationship among various subjects through a holistic approach to teaching which incorporates culture,  religion and citizenship

    • To promote cooperative learning in a mutually supportive environment which allows each child to perform to the best of his/her ability

    • To employ teachers who present themselves as positive role models and create a nurturing environment in the classroom

    • To maintain open channels of communications between school and home recognizing that the student is at the center

A Message From Our Principal


I hope this finds you in good health, wonderful spirits and enjoying your summer holiday.

We have been busily preparing for the new school year and are eager to begin. Our goal is to continue fostering a genuine love of learning. As a community of learners, we are proud to offer all our students a dynamic and progressive educational program that encompasses 21st century skills necessary to succeed in our ever-changing world. Moreover, we continue to work toward effectively supporting our students as they meet the many challenges in their academic journey.

We are focused on helping our students develop a sophisticated worldly perspective and provide them the opportunities to learn and grow beyond the walls of our school building. Progress, and ultimately excellence, require constant reflection of what does and does not work. Purposeful reflection is one of the core principles we seek to instill in our students and faculty.

Our work this year is to create a model of education that is authentic, rigorous and personalized. We are fortunate enough to create smaller classroom communities that offer continuity. With that intention we continuously seek to challenge and support our students by meeting the individual need of each child. In addition to a challenging academic program, we are excited to encourage our students to explore their interests in music, art and physical education.

As your Principal, I look forward to the year ahead and working with you. You have entrusted us to make a difference in your child's life and partnering with your family to support your child's academic, social and emotional growth. Our Parish Council, School Board, and faculty collectively and collaboratively strive to prepare your child in becoming a contributing and productive citizen of the world.

I am excited to see you on September 5th!


Ms. Mannino


School Board 2018-2019

Chairman - Gerasimos Menegatos                                            

Vice Chairman - Maria Kambourakis Harisis                               

Treasurer - Christina Karahalios                                                      

Secretary - Sophia Lambrakis Madimenos                                 

  • Stacy Butsikares

  • Anna Feinsilver     

  • Marcos Hatgipetros  

  • John Lameras

  • Mike Parlamis     

  • Anna Petalas - Steliaros                                      

  • Colette Samman      

  • Potoula Starvopoulos           

  • James Vavas