Our Mission Statement

We, as educators, strive to promote the expression of the Orthodox Christian way of life. We believe every child is unique and learning is an individualized and ongoing process. We recognize our opportunity and mutual obligation to develop within each child the skills, virtues and habits of heart and mind needed to meet the challenges of an ever-changing society. Through mutual respect our students will grow and learn in a positive atmosphere, where faculty, staff, parents and students together are enthusiastic about the learning process. To this end in attaining our philosophy we strive:

    • To teach and practice Orthodox Christian values

    • To help each student develop to his/her potential in an atmosphere which promotes self-esteem and confidence.

    • To cultivate an appreciation and respect for others

    • To identify the relationship among various subjects through a holistic approach to teaching which incorporates culture,  religion and citizenship

    • To promote cooperative learning in a mutually supportive environment which allows each child to perform to the best of his/her ability

    • To employ teachers who present themselves as positive role models and create a nurturing environment in the classroom

    • To maintain open channels of communications between school and home recognizing that the student is at the center

Message from our Principal

Dear DGK Family, 

WELCOME to the new school year!

To our returning families, and our NEW families, I hope that your summer has been one in which you have enjoyed family time with some fun, sun, and relaxation! 

Our administration and staff have been busily preparing for your child's return onWednesday, September 6th and anticipate many new and exciting school days ahead. The DGK Faculty is now preparing for your arrival and are very much looking forward to meeting their new students. 

We are very excited to announce that our DGK SCHOOL WEBSITE is in the process of being revamped not only with a new look but also for easier navigation to find information you need. Such new enhancements will be our yearly school calendar easily accessible on your phone. Forms such as emergency contact information, KAPT lunch forms, gym uniforms and more will now be able to be completed on our website and be submitted directly to the appropriate contacts to be generated accordingly. LOOK FOR OUR NEW WEBSITE TO BE LAUNCHED IN A FEW DAYS!

We are even more excited and eager for our transition from the tumblr Homework Portal to the new GOOGLE CLASSROOM for students and parents. Google Classroom will now host our "homework portal" and will be private only to our DGK families. To access it will be through initial teacher invitation which you will receive soon from your child's teacher. We look forward to this new feature as it will condense many of the different places Kindergarten -5th grade parents will need to view for home work information. 

As previously mentioned our Middle School students will be outfitted with a new Google Chrome Book for State of the Art instructional learning practices. In keeping with the fast moving technological educational advances this will have many benefits for our children to utilize their time more efficiently, have a new approach to note taking, utilize research within the classroom and to hone in on technology skills which will help advance them on their academic journey. 

A major building improvement that has been done is the renovation of our gymnasium ceiling, not only for aesthetic appearance but for maximum safety.  This summer the entire ceiling was scraped clean of all the old fire retardant product and replaced with in-tumescent fire resistant spray giving us a two hour fire rating on all beams. This is the most current fire resistant technology available, and our gym looks BEAUTIFUL as well!THANK YOU PARISH COUNCIL AND SCHOOL BOARD!!!

An additional building improvement that all our students will be THRILLED with are our brand new water fountains compliments of the KAPT! Again, State of the Art fountains where now water bottles can also be re-filled. THANK YOU KAPT!!!

Our musical instrument program continues to grow stronger this year as we look forward to expanding our "orchestra" with our second graders graduating to the STRING FAMILY and now being introduced to the violin!

Last, but certainly not least, is our faculty line-up for the new school year! While we have had some departures, we are very happy to have new teachers joining our school community, and who are equally happy to become part of the DGK teaching team:

Please keep a lookout for the WELCOME LETTER from your child's teacher in the next few days. School supply lists were sent out at the beginning of August ... if you did not receive yours please send us a quick email and we will be happy to send you one. See you Soon!!!

Educationally yours,

Ms. Mannino

School Board 2017-2018

Chairman - Gerasimos Menegatos                                              Stacy Butsikares         Mike Parlamis              James Vavas

Vice Chairman - Maria Kambourakis Harisis                                Anna Feinsilver          Colette Samman   

Treasurer - Christina Karahalios                                                  Marcos Hatgipetros    Potoula Starvopoulos          

Secretary - Sophia Lambrakis Madimenos                                  John Lameras             Anna Petalas - Steliaros