Help us reach our goal of $20,000

Dimes can have a huge impact....fill your bottle with dimes and see what we can accomplish!  We do not discriminate, any change will be accepted.

Check out our cool incentives to keep the dimes coming.........

  • Class with highest average earned wins an ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE with MS.MANNINO and a FIELD TRIP TO CHELSEA PIERS
  • 1st Student(s) to raise $120 by March 15th wins ONE WEEK OF DRESS DOWN
  • 2nd Student(s) to raise $120 by March 29th wins THREE DAYS OF DRESS DOWN
  • Student to raise the most by April 30th wins an APPLE WATCH

Pssttttt..........Secret schoolwide surprise if we reach our goal of 20K

Contact us at for any questions.

**********Dates for Collecting Bottles - March 15th, 29th, April 5th, 19th, 26th - APRIL 30th WINNERS ANNOUNCED.....Lets get some DIMES!!!!!!!!

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Don’t want to fill bottles with dimes...Don’t worry. We have a convenient way to pay...just click Donate and pay with Apple Pay or via online. Make sure to include your child’s name and grade. Thank you!

Top Class Leaders

1st Place - 3rd Grade

2nd Place - 1st Grade

3rd Place - 4th Grade

Please Stay Tuned On This Page As We Will Keep You Informed On The Fundraising Progress